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Here you can find several commissions made for clients and commission examples.
If you're interested in a commission please make sure to read the commission terms of service first.

Twitch Commission for C0smikat (2021)

Twitch Merch Commission for Chainbrain (2020)

Icon and Emote Examples

Twitch Commission for unknowwnsoldier (2017)

Ink Commission for Sarah

Commission terms of service

Last updated: 25.06.2021

1. Sending an inquiry

Patrons will have a priority upon commission openings.
Every commission is paid via Paypal Invoice / Ko-Fi.

Request a commission via email: infoleyawa@web.de

Visual references are a must! Please send along enough pictures in a decent quality!

If you don’t want your commission to be shared on social media, please let me know! Unless it is a private commission and you don’t want me to share it I’ll post WIPs (work in progress) images on my social media, as well as the finished piece.

Attach these in your inquiry:

Reference pictures (as many as you want, the more the better!) Commission type (e.g. Full Color Half Body).
Description of the character(s).
Your PayPal email address for the needed invoice.

2. What I offer

I draw:

Tattoo Flashes
Original characters
Furry, Anthro, Gijinka
Twitch Emotes
Character designs
I’m willing to work on Twitch Overlays.
It highly depends on what your vision is
(Feel free to ask!)

I won’t draw:

Art that contains assault, harassment, rape, racism or art that is damaging/hurtful to any race, gender, nationality.
Fetishes that make me feel uncomfortable. (Feel free to ask!)
Tracing or copying other artists styles, copying artworks

All my backgrounds are simply coloured, gradient or blurred.
Backgrounds costs extra.

Clients receive a rough sketch version.
If the commission is bigger (background / lots of details) the Client will receive more WIPs.

After more than 2 revisions i’ll charge an extra fee.

3. Payment

Before commissioning me, you need to know the following information:

I accept payments via PayPal only!

My prices are in EURO

Clients are required to pay either 50% or 100% to the commission fee upfront, and the remaining 50% before the final piece is sent through mail.

Please check my Trello Commission List before contacting me. If you need a commission right away this might help you find out if I’m available.

After receiving the Payment I’ll start working on your commission.

No refunds after you received your fully finished commission.

If you are unable to contact me, I have the right to cancel your commission.

I have the right to decline commissions for any reason.

Character commissions may take up to two weeks to a month to complete. Full Illustrations may take longer. Clients will be updated for any delays due to personal reasons.

4. Other Information

Clients can printt their commission for themselves and or use them on their socials.

Clients are not allowed to resell their commission. Unless they paid for the needed licences. (Usage rights, etc.)

Clients are not allowed to crop/delete/erase my signature from the picture.

Clients that request NSFW character commissions have to be 18+. I will decline the commission if you’re underage.

Clients are NOT allowed to mint/create ANY KIND of NFTs out of my content, let it be a tweet, an image, or any kind of medium.
I am against selling my content as NFTs.

Custom Commissions

If you’d like to commission me for anything different. (Twitch Emotes, Twitch Overlays, Start and Ending Screens, Shirt Designs etc.)

ABout me

My name is Leyla and i'm a selftaught artist from germany.

(Work in progress)


Beast Slayer (Personal project)

Digital Games: Game Art Second Semester Project